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Coaching With Return On Investment by Lisa Ann Edwards


And prove your results!

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Learn to measure, prove
and present the results of your coaching and market yourself effectively as a professional coach

Whether you have decades of experience in the industry or you’re still fairly new to the coaching profession, one thing is for certain, if you want to grow your business and sustain existing client engagements:

You need the ability to effectively market yourself as the credible, qualified and proficient professional you are.

Maybe you think that there’s no need to market your business, because your results speak for themselves. Or maybe you believe that if you continue to do what you’ve done in the past, your business will automatically continue to grow.


This is where mistakes are made!

It is a fact that our industry is growing and evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before.

There are literally thousands of people who undergo a two-day training, print a few business cards or set up a great website and publicly proclaim themselves to be a professional coach.


As a result, leaders and executives are facing a struggle that is not to be ignored: It is becoming increasingly difficult for your clients and prospects to identify the professional coaches who are trained and qualified to achieve the results their organization requires … and to ensure that the money they invest in coaching will actually generate a positive ROI.


At the same time it is immensely challenging for professional coaches with integrity and a desire to grow, to differentiate themselves from the under-trained individuals in our profession.

  • What if you had a system in place that allows you to support leaders and executives in making smart, informed financial decisions when investing in coaching with you?
  • What if there was a framework that allowed you to demonstrate and present the monetary results of coaching in any boardroom?
  • And what if applying this system to your business enabled you to position and market yourself as the skilled, proficient professional you truly are, giving you a disproportionate competitive advantage?

Here is why the skill of being able to translate both qualitative and quantitative results of your coaching into solid numbers and boardroom - proof data is already in extremely high demand amongst leaders and top executives:

In our business world,
reliable data and solid numbers are the cornerstone of any manager’s and CEO’s decision making process.

Being able to identify, present and breakdown these key numbers will enable you as the professional coach to not only speak your clients’ language, but demonstrate how many dollars they get back for every single dollar invested in coaching with you.

  • For you, this leads to higher value engagements, increasing the number of clients you sign on in the first place, the ability to raise your rates with confidence and become known as an authority in your field.
  • For your clients, this leads to a strengthened confidence in coaching, the ability to make smart, informed financial decisions and an improved bottom-line.

But the effects go even deeper than that.

The ability to demonstrate the monetary impact of coaching and breaking it down into numbers that prove its results and ROI, will positively impact our entire industry, as it supports the credibility, professionalism and high quality standards of coaching.

Coaching With ROI

The world’s leading system to measure, prove and present the impact of your work as a professional coach

It is undeniable that the ability to transform both qualitative and quantitative data into numbers that reveal exactly how, where and to what extent you have impacted your clients’ success in monetary terms, is one of the most valuable assets you, as a professional coach, can have.

The question is HOW can you actually achieve that?

We’ve identified leading expert and high-level coach Lisa Ann Edwards who has developed a robust system that allows you as a professional coach to measure, prove and present your results in 8 simple steps:

The Coaching With ROI System

Specifically designed for professional business and executive coaches like you, allowing you to obtain reliable numbers to prove, demonstrate and break down the impact of your work in any boardroom.

Now, for the first time ever, Lisa Ann Edwards has packaged all her knowledge, measuring tools and frameworks into this robust system to make it available to the coaching profession. In addition, through completion of this program you will obtain CCE units to maintain your ICF membership - see below for further details.

Are you interested in learning to prove the value your clients receive for every dollar they invested in coaching with you?


And prove your results!

Lisa Ann Edwards

Lisa Ann Edwards

Lisa Ann Edwards is a leading expert in the field of coaching and a specialist in the measurement of success and ROI of Coaching. She founded Bloom Coaching Institute, an organization devoted specifically to helping coaches, coaching program managers, and coaching organizations advance coaching effectiveness through tools, research, training, and consultation. In her own coaching work, Lisa has generated returns-on-investment as high as 251% for clients and lifted employee engagement by nearly 20%.
Lisa is a regular speaker, educator, and contributing author on coaching effectiveness and the ROI of Coaching for the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a 23,000-member global professional association for coaches. She built her expertise in talent development during more than 15 years in the printing, publishing, media, and technology industries, and while doing consulting work with Fortune 500 companies.

Lisa’s most recent research focuses on how people become catalysts of change in the workplace. She has presented her findings at global conferences and has been coaching individual leaders to effect positive change for more than 15 years.
As head of Talent Management for Corbis, Bill Gates’ privately owned global media company, Lisa designed and implemented effective talent development solutions, focusing on leadership development, talent engagement, talent retention, and feeding the talent pipeline.

What You Get
With Coaching With ROI

Coaching With ROI is robust and fundamental system specifically designed for professional business and executive coaches like you who are wanting to grow their business, sustain existing engagements, evaluate and improve their work and become known as an authority in their field.

This program takes seasoned coaches as well as those just launching into an executive coaching career on a path of growth, professionalism and credibility.

Even if you believe that you are “not good with numbers”, this system will make it as easy and transparent as possible for you to measure both qualitative and quantitative results you achieve and translate them into boardroom-proof numbers and solid facts. You don’t have to be an accountant or mathematician to be able to apply the 8 steps of measuring ROI to your business…. But you do need a reliable system to guide you, that will be intuitive for you as a coach to navigate and utilize.


And prove your results!

What other coaches say about Coaching With ROI

Colleen Lillie

I have worked with Lisa for a number of years. I am impressed by her ability to simplify and customize development programs to achieve my (the company’s) goals. It is rare in the learning and development world where a company can spend $ and determine the return on investing in people. Lisa has brought this in a manner that is traceable, true ROI and providing critical feedback to management where there is success and areas to improve on. When determining how to spend available resources, this is great feedback to understand results of investing in our biggest asset, people.

Colleen Lillie, CFO at SMITH

Brian Underhill

Lisa is the industry expert at measuring the ROI of coaching. She is the first person we call when our clients need this work done. She’s a great teacher and makes measurement of ROI easy to understand.  The Coaching with ROI approach is the next big development in our industry. By measuring our impact, we will promote legitimacy, accountability and professionalism within coaching.

Brian Underhill, Founder and CEO at CoachSource LLC

Shannon Kehl

In my organization, measurement and showing a consistent return on an investment is the backbone of the company. Listening to Lisa carefully explain what we can measure, how we can measure it, and not losing sight of the goal made the decision to engage and partner with Lisa easy. Hearing her prior case studies and successes allowed me to acknowledge the depth and expertise she could bring to my organization’s coaching initiative.

Shannon Kehl, ACC Vice President Human Resources

Joyce Kaduki

It was a real pleasure participating in the Coaching ROI pilot study and learning from someone who has walked the journey she was guiding us on. My awareness around measurement of Coaching ROI was raised, which has positively impacted my conversations with clients and prospects. I am incorporating some of the tools acquired into my coaching process.

Joyce Kaduki, Executive & Leadership Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Claire Wong

I was fortunate to participate in Lisa’s pilot coaching ROI program last year and learnt a lot about the use of ROI in coaching. Coaching ROI serves as a compelling conversation starter with prospective coachees and sponsors. The ROI also provides them with definitive quantitative results that they can use to measure progress and success. I found the program clear and instructive and many of her tools very helpful.

Claire Wong, Attorney & Professional Coach

John P Schuster

Lisa Edwards is the real deal on ROI. I have tapped her wealth of knowledge and experience in this area extensively as I have taught coaching at Columbia University. The participants have used her thinking in their own internal and external practices. Many features of Lisa’s thinking are actionable and one of her gifts is helping those of us who have less experience and analytical skills to use our own less sophisticated approaches for measuring our impact as coaches and as managers of coaching program. She is simply a very competent teacher as well: introducing concepts and practices that can be understood analytically, but also intuitively and so not overwhelming for those of us with limited time and resources.
You will gain from her programs…of any length

John P Schuster, Leadership Coach and Mentor, Columbia University

Kimm Rombardo

I thoroughly enjoyed the ROI of Coaching webinar. Lisa is a great facilitator and her style and approach to the work makes it easy to understand. The class is formatted in a way where I can put the new learning to immediate use. I am looking forward to practice my new skills to help my individual clients make assertions as to the “pay-off” of coaching. Can’t wait for the next class and to continue my learning!

Kimm Rombardo, Internal Coach & Consultant, NWEA

Kannan Swaminathan

This program on ROI was extremely insightful to me personally. The tools introduced during the session and the lively interaction during the sessions were of great help in learning. In my personal journey at the moment of a switch from corporate career to an independent coach, this program has helped me to gain confidence, in talking to potential customers. Increasingly customers across are looking for value for their money, and these tools are great in explaining objectively what return have they achieved for their investment in coaching leaders in the organisation, with a $ value! Truly appreciate the opportunity and learning provided.

Kannan Swaminathan, Business Coach & Consultant

Ursula Lesic

I knew the power of the individual and group coaching programming I offered at my organization, but this program helped me prove the power of my coaching initiatives. By using a results-based plan and tools to communicate the business impact to show a return on investment, I have been afforded the opportunity to keep doing what I love and what my organization needs.

Ursula Lesic, Executive Coach

Lil LeBlanc

As both an external coach and the leader of an internal leadership coaching practice, I have received extensive benefit from The ROI of Coaching. The knowledge gained from the program has enabled me to develop case studies, ROI depictions and ROE (return on expectations) analyses that enhance the marketing effort for my private coaching practice, and underscore the importance of coaching as an important leadership development strategy within my employer organization. With Lisa’s support, I was able to immediately leverage the program’s key learnings to strengthen my organization’s application for the 2016 ICF PRISM award.

Lil LeBlanc, Professional Coach

The Coaching With
ROI Program At A Glance

The Coaching with ROI program structure follows the 4-phases model Engage - Invest - Evaluate - Report and is then divided into 6 modules for your most comprehensive and in-depth learning experience:

Phase 1: Engage

Module 1


Purpose: To help you be able to clarify what you can do for clients, gain agreement for the coaching with ROI solution you can offer the client and whether ROI is critical to the solution.
Objective: By the end of this Module, you will be able to: explain the Coaching with ROI process, know the right time to use Coaching with ROI, identify the additional resources and tools you will have, explain the ROI formula and apply your experience with this program by setting your own Personal ROI for the program!
Tools: 3W: Why, When & Whether Coaching with ROI is Critical
• Personal ROI Goal Setting Worksheet for the Coaching with ROI program
• Case Study
• Quick Guide: Expectations
Module 1 will enable you to: Speak with confidence and clarity about the benefits of Coaching with ROI with your prospective or existing clients to help them see a bigger possibility of what you have to offer and how it will help them impact their business. This is going to help you clearly articulate why your coaching with ROI solution is the best choice and will help your prospective client easily see the value, in monetary terms, in working with you.

Module 2

Coaching Engagement

Purpose: To fully engage and on-board your prospective client in your Coaching with ROI solution.
Objective: By the end of this Module, you will be able to: explain why Coaching with ROI is critical to coaching business success, explain how Coaching with ROI changes the sales experience for your prospective clients, identify why following the 5-step sales process will help your business, respond to 7 common objections to Coaching with ROI, organize an Education Session with your prospective client and build credibility through incorporating your success stories on Coaching with ROI.
• Education Session Template
• Conversation Selling Guide
• Business Needs Intake
• Create Your STAR Story
• Case Study
• Quick Guide: Coaching Engagement
…and more
Module 2 will enable you to: Easily facilitate the Coaching with ROI sales conversation with your prospective or existing client and respond to common hesitations about Coaching with ROI with authority and confidence, so that you can win larger and more impactful coaching engagements. This is going to help you sign on new clients and bigger client engagments with greater ease.

Phase 2: Invest

Module 3

Goal - Setting

Purpose: To gain fluency with the Money Talk conversation, choose the right tools to capture data and engage client in process of setting goals.
Objective: By the end of this Module, you will know how to: choose the right tools from the Goal Setting Toolkit for you coaching engagement and learn how to implement the Money Talk framework to help your coaching client hit the goals.
• Money Talk Framework
• Goal Setting Toolkit
• Coaching Plan
• AssessMentor
• Case Study
• Quick Guide: Goal Setting
…and more
Module 3 will enable you to: Clarify you have all of the conversation guides, goal-setting and tracking tools to documents the coaching engagement with clear measures of success, including monetary value in addition to coaching goals. This is going to make it easy for you and help you save time and streamline the process of identifying the measurable goals, including the monetary goals. This is going to ensure you are more likely to achieve the goals, including the monetary goals, just by setting them.

Module 4

Coaching & Performance

Purpose: To learn the Levers of Success to pull that positively impact the success and monetary value and ROI of your coaching engagment.
Objective: By the end of this module, you will know: the Levers of Success, why these levers are critical to the success—including the monetary impact of your coaching engagment, and create a plan for using the levers.
• Levers of Success Framework
• Investing
• Case Study
• Quick Guide: Coaching & Performance
…and more
Module 4 will enable you to: Ensure that you are armed with the knowledge necessary to ensure all of the insights that occur in coaching translate into tangible on-the-job actions and behavior changes that result in monetary value that can be measured and captured in the end of the coaching engagement. This is key in helping you have success and monetary value at the end of coaching!

Phase 3: Evaluate

Module 5

Results & Return on Investment

Purpose: To develop a mindset around measuring success and impact, and the confidence to implement it with the tools for calculating ROI.
Objective: By the end of this Module, you will be able to distinquish between the different types of data, measure the success and impact of your coaching solution by gathering and organizing data, effectively express the return-on-investment of coaching, gain confidence in using tools and resources and understand how to take a personalized approach to organizing data and calculating ROI.
• Guide to Data Collection Tools
• IsolAction
• ROI Calculator
• Case Study
• Quick Guide – Results & ROI
…and more
Module 5 will enable you to: Capture and organize all of the information and data related to the impact of your coaching engagement into meaningful representations of the story of success of your coaching client. This is going to help you save time in organizing the data and information so that you can put together your story of success back by tangible evidence.

Phase 4: Report

Module 6

Results & Return on Investment

Purpose: To gain confidence, professionalism and fluency in your communication with your prospective clients on your unique niche and the value you offer.
Objective: By the end of this Module, you will be able to integrate pieces of information into a final report and tell your ROI story with data, validate the investment made by existing clients, leverage your story backed by data to win new business, keep or grow
existing business and use the data and evidence to become known as an expert in your niche by telling a cohesive and compelling story of the value you offer.
• Webtale
• Executive Summary and Case Study Template
• Data Display Examples
• Audience Analyis Template
• Case Study
• Quick Guide – Results & ROI
…and more
Module 6 will enable you to: Identify the appropriate groups who need to hear the story of success of your coaching client and provide you with the templates you need to assist you in putting your story together in a clear, concise and compelling format that you can easily present with confidence and ease. This is going to help you plan all the possible audience groups, formats and ways to share the success of your coaching work so that you can continue to build and grow your business.

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Program Options


Return On Investment program

  • 6 x 2 hours of LIVE core training with Lisa Ann Edwards
  • 6 x 1 hour LIVE Q&A with Lisa Ann Edwards
  • Audio and video recordings, of every live call
  • Professional Notes, Slides and Transcripts of every call to accompany your learning
  • Access to our exclusive Coaching with ROI for Coaches Community for program attendees only
  • 35+ Coaching with ROI tools to implement with your clients
  • 6 x 1 hour of LIVE Implementation mastery additional Coaching with ROI resources to implement
  • 6 x 45 minutes of additional LIVE training with Lisa Ann Edwards focused around the advanced tools and materials to gain even deeper insights.
  • Online Mastermind Community Incredibly supportive community including direct contact with Lisa herself
  • Eligibility for Coaching with ROI Impact
  • 33 CCEUs

    16 Core Competency & 17 Resource Development
  • $997 Super Early Bird (sold out)
  • $1997 Pay in full
  • $1197
  • Early Bird


  • $187 Super Early Bird (sold out)
  • $367 Per Month for 6 Months
  • $227
  • Early Bird


Return On Investment program

  • 6 x 2 hours of LIVE core training with Lisa Ann Edwards
  • 6 x 1 hour LIVE Q&A with Lisa Ann Edwards
  • Audio and video recordings, of every live call
  • Professional Notes, Slides and Transcripts of every call to accompany your learning
  • Access to our exclusive Coaching with ROI for Coaches Community for program attendees only
  • 32+ Coaching with ROI tools to implement with your clients
  • 20.5 CCEUs

    7 Core Competency and 13.5 Resource Development
  • $747 Super Early Bird (sold out)
  • $1497 Pay in full
  • $897
  • Early Bird


  • $147 Super Early Bird (sold out)
  • $277 Per Month for 6 Months
  • $177
  • Early Bird

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30 - Day Money Back Guarantee

J-letter oin us as we professionalize the industry and support your journey of growth with Coaching With ROI. If, for whatever reason, you feel like you are not getting what you hoped for from this program, we will refund you the full program tuition. We believe in excellence and the power of taking a stand for your results and professionalism in coaching and are therefore willing to provide a no-questions-asked, no-hard-feelings 30 Day Money Back Guarantee from the start date of your program.


Your Frequently
Asked Questions Answered

• What is the difference between the Core and Enhanced program?

The Core Program covers the essentials of Coaching with ROI. You will learn and gain a strong understanding of the core concepts, receive tools to use with your clients right away and be part of our global community of professional coaches to begin to implement the materials and prove your ROI.
During the live sessions you will learn the techniques, tools, practice and theory behind Coaching with ROI so that you can understand it at a deep level and apply the system to your coaching practice.
The Enhanced program moves into guided implementation – you will gain access to everything in the Core program plus the live practical application workshops with Lisa Ann that guide you through implementing a bigger set of tools and technicalities with your clients.
You will also receive marketing resources to help you grow and sustain your business, and nurture your client pipeline plus additional tools exclusively available to Enhanced members.

• What are the prerequisites for the Coaching With ROI program?

In general there are no prerequisites and if you’re committed to excellence and eager to be part of this fundamental program, you are already a perfect match. Our program will contain a range of significant materials, frameworks, tools and insights that are applicable whether you are an internal or external coach. The program teaches real life implementation, and so it is helpful to have some coaching experience.

• Will there be audio recordings of the session in case I can’t attend the live trainings?

Yes, absolutely!
All of the sessions will be recorded, transcribed, and made accessible to you in our C-ROI membership area.

Is there a way to go even deeper with Coaching With ROI and take my learning to a higher level?

Yes! If you join the Enhanced Program you will have the opportunity to join the Coaching With ROI IMPACT Program – a done-for-you coaching development solution that will allow you to sell larger scale coaching programs.
The IMPACT Program will enable you to win larger projects with new and existing clients without having to invest the time and resources to develop the content. You will be provided with the specific tools which will show you how to learn the bespoke needs of your clients and then how to design, deliver and implement a fully customizable program in alignment with those needs.
This is an in-depth, invite only program that goes beyond the measurement part. Lisa Ann has never before offered to the coaching industry and you will be invited once you register for the Enhanced Program.

• Will I be able to get CCEUs for joining Coaching With ROI?

Yes, attending the Coaching With ROI Enhanced program will grant you up to 30 CCEUs including 15 Core Competency.